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genere Genere: Black Music

area Area: Sardegna

group Line Up:

  • Anabel Rodriguez – Vocals
  • Stefano Casti – Bass & musical director
  • Andrea Sanna – Keyboards
  • Nicola “Ninu” Vacca – Drum

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englishversionAnabel Rodriguez Roche comes from a neighborhood on the outskirts of Havana, called Los Pinos, where lived the famous Cuban composer Jose Antonio Mendez. Her mother used to sing at the beginnings of the vocal quartet Los Cuatro and although she didn’t continue her career, she transmitted her the passion for singing. She grew up listening traditional Cuban and American music, thanks to the proximity of the two countries, where with a simple radio the most powerful radio stations from South Florida could be tuned. She begins to singing and dancing from an early age in several companies vaudeville, until the day she was engaged by the director of the renowned female orchestra, Lady Salsa, where she sang the repertoire in English. Later, she collaborated with other orchestras that brought her to Europe in tours and in 2004 she established in Italy.

Stefano Casti was born in the province of Oristano and lives in a village of Sardinia, Ales, known to give birth to Antonio Gramsci and a famous Olympic boxing champion. He began listening music since he was a little child with his father’s turntable, using headphones, his father marvelled how he enjoyed listening the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and too many others. With only 14 years, he began alternating the activities of bass player and sound technician. He began his studies of music in the conservatory of Cagliari, where he graduated in music theory. Faithful lover of Black American music and its roots, he transferred to Cuba in 2003, where he learned the Cuban music with musician friends and with others of an established fame. Once back to his country, he began collaborating with recognised musicians into the musical scene in the island, such as Piero Marras and Beppe Dettori. He has accompanied some international artist in their tour an master classes given in Italy, for example, the English singer Kevin Leo and the famous guitarist Mike Stern. He has also collaborated with many cuban musicians, residing in Italy and out of Cuba.

Andrea Sanna is a Sardinian pianist, graduated from Piano Jazz at the Conservatory of music of Cagliari. Nicolino Vacca, the drummer, is a young musician that arrives from a family of musicians. They are both members of SVM trio, well known in the jazz scene in the island.

In the summer of 2014, counting with a repertoire of one hour and a half, the band performed a live concert in Cagliari and started producing its first EP.

This band offers a very simple setup live, where small electronics are used to output sequences. This important strategy allows them to travel with all of its modern instrumentations . Its functionality does not detract quality to the concerts, all on the contrary.


versioneitalianaThe Rocies è il nome di un quartetto di Cuban-Soul. Il combo è formato dalla cantante cubana Anabel Rodriguez e da tre musicisti sardi, Andrea Sanna, Nicola Vacca e Stefano Casti.

La band ha un suono che riflette l’influenza del repertorio Black americano, dal Jazz, Funk, R&B, neo soul per approdare poi a delle sfumature Latin. Le canzoni sono scritte in lingua inglese e/o in spagnolo, lo “SpanEnglish”.

Dall’estate 2014 The Rocies porta sul palco un set di un’ora e mezza composto per il 90% da pezzi inediti.

Inizia quindi a produrre il primo EP, entra nel rooster della Compagnia Cantante e collabora con l’Associazione Brincamus e Palazzo d’ Inverno, associazioni culturali che promuovono la crescita degli artisti sardi.

Nel giugno 2015 il quartetto inaugura il sito ed esce il primo singolo, Who?.

A partire dal 15 luglio 2016 è disponibile in anteprima su Cd Baby e nelle principali piattaforme online il primo Ep della band, Ep#1, che contiene il singolo Who? e altre tre canzoni che contribuiscono a dare una panoramica più chiara del suono e del repertorio della band.

Ep#1 esce in formato Cd a dicembre 2016, coprodotto dalla Compagnia Cantante, confezionato riciclando custodie usate per il minimo impatto ambientale.

Il 26 dicembre 2016 viene rilasciato anche il primo videoclip della band, con il singolo Who?.


>> INTERVISTA! The Rocies, ovvero come fondere sapientemente Black Music, soul-funk e musica caraibica

>> #VideodellaSettimana! Who? – The Rocies




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